Adventures in Collagraph

By helenmaxfield, Apr 23 2019 12:55PM

A sidestep from linocut and an opportunity to expand my printmaking repertoire, I joined Carl Borges at Gainsborough's House Print Workshop to learn how to create collagraphs. Collagraph is a happy combination of both the intaglio method (where ink is pushed into fine creviced lines) and the relief method (where ink is applied to the raised areas of a plate). It involves sticking different textured papers onto a board and then coating in varnish. Then inking up firstly as an intaglio with scrim and secondly as a relief with a brayer...all in one pass - no registration required!

I'd like to add an element of collagraph to my work in the future. Not only does it give an entirely different effect to anything I've done in lino, but it's really fun and has made me look at the paper in my children's craft box and our household rubbish, in an entirely new light!

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